About Us

Insight Academy is a nonprofit organization which discuss and explain true fact of Islam for the people who are seeking the real truth. It based on Quran, Hadith, Philosophy and Mysticism under supervision of Master Mohammad Mahdi Me’marian.

Here is a summary of Master Me’marian biography:

master memarian

This servant is Mohammad Mahdi Me’marian, son of Mohammad, son of Khalil, son of Hussein, son of Ibrahim Born in Saveh, Iran. I started to acquire knowledge and pursued Islamic education. I became acquainted with some divine mystics such as Ayatollah Behjat, Ayatollah Kashmiri, Ayatollah Baha’u’llah, Haj Agha Dolabi, and finally in the presence of Allameh Hassanzadeh Amuli.
In the presence of Allameh Hassanzadeh, I started to achieve perfection. And I confess that everything I have is noble from him and what is defective is from myself. I am proud to teach some of his books, which are really a mixture of Quran, mysticism, and philosophy. During these years, I have studied mystical, philosophical, hadith commentary , history of Islam and other branches of theology.

Basij21, Saveh, Iran
Heyat Majanin Al Hussain & Mohebe Al Mahdi
(Adabestan Marefat)