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100 Words

“One Hundred Words in Self-Knowledge” is a short, valuable, and worthwhile book, it contains all the major topics of self-knowledge which have been given to Allameh Hasanzadeh Amoli in a spiritual occasion and divine entry. It is enough for the people who are eager to gain principles of self-knowledge.
We have tried to describe it as much as we can so that it is accepted and considered.

Narration from Prophet Muhammad (S) : “Seek knowledge even if it is in China” because in the past China was a very far place, so to clarify the importance of acquiring knowledge, Prophet Muhammad (S) emphasizes to acquire knowledge even if it is far away. Imam Sadiq (A) was asked what knowledge is this? Imam (A) replied that this knowledge is self-knowledge.
Amir Al-mu’minin Ali (A) said that whoever knows oneself, He or She has achieved the highest degree of knowledge.

Mohammad Mahdi Me’marian
All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.