Word 18: The one who does not find oneself managed under the control of unity, what can he say about his wonderful, united body?


Word 18: The one who does not find oneself managed under the control of unity, what can he say about his wonderful, united body?

When we look at our body, we realize that each organ of our body such as the heart, brain, stomach, liver, blood circulation system, nerve system, and many others works in very precise coordination as a united factory. Allameh Hassanzadeh in note 179 in his “1001 Notes” book said, “Aristotle said, Universe is one unity with different parts like a human and this is the reason why there is only one creator.” Meaning, he concluded one creature from the unity of the world.

“Creation” means giving existence with a limit and geometry. When a carpenter wants to make a door, first he considers the door’s geometry or limit in his mind then he cuts based on its geometry, and at the end, he attaches different parts of the door in the best possible way based on his knowledge until a door is built. “He is Allah, the Creator, the Originator, the Shaper. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names”. (Al-Hashr:24). “Blessed is Allah, the Best of creators” (Al-Mu’minun:14).

There are three types of motion in this world.

1- Natural Motion: It is based on nature such as smoke going up or a rock falling down

2- Anti-Natural Motion: It is against the natural motion, like when we are throwing up a rock.

3- Free Will Motion: When we do things with our free will, it can be natural or anti-natural motion.

 Question: Which motion belongs to our growth? Who is managing our breath and body when we sleep? God moment by moment grows us and He is not separate from us.

– Can you prove to me that God exists?

– Do I need to prove it by philosophy, cause, and effect, or do you need something that will sit in your heart? Meaning, to really believe in the Lord?

– I need something that I can believe in and sit in my heart and understand.

– OK, let us start with questions and answers together to understand it.

Q: How many legs do you have?

A: Two.

Q: If you or another human being had just one leg, what would happen?

A: I could not do most things that had been done so far.

Q: How did you know that you need two legs to do those things and you made them for yourself.

A: I did not make them. It was created when I was in my mother’s stomach.

Q: Did your mother make those legs?

A: No, she did not.

Q: Who made them for you?

A: Nature with evolution created them for me.

Q: OK. How many hands do you have?

A: Two

Q: What happened if you had just one hand?

A: I could not do many things and would have a hard life.

Q: How did you know that you need two hands and you made them for yourself?

A: I did not make them.

Q: Who created them?

A: Nature.

Q: OK. What would happen if you did not have eyes?

A: I could not see a thing; life would be very hard with no eyes.

Q: How did you understand that you need eyes and made them for yourself.

A: Similar questions!! Nature created them for me.

Q: What would happen if you did not have a mouth?

A: I could not live. Humans need to have a mouth!

Q: Did you make them for yourself?

A: No, this was also made by Nature. Before you ask the next question, I would say all my body parts are created by Nature.

Q: So, Nature knew that you needed this body with eyes, mouth, hands, legs, and so on?

A: Yes! It happened by evolution!

Q: Can you show me Nature?

A: Here is the Nature; jungle, trees, mountains, etc.

Q: So, this jungle, trees, and mountain made your body?

A: No, they are included in Nature. Nature cannot be seen.

Q: OK, where is this Nature?

A: Nature is everywhere.

Q: So, Nature knew what you needed and made them for you, right? (Because, if you see a jet engine, you are sure that someone with knowledge made that)

A: Yes, it seems so.

Q: Nature must have the power to make your body, right?

A: Yes, probably.

Q: So, Nature has knowledge and power. Nature is everywhere. Nature cannot be seen. This is what we believe as God, Lord, Allah, and you call it Nature. We believe God created us, you say Nature; we believe God is everywhere and you say Nature is everywhere. We believe God has knowledge and power and you say Nature has knowledge and power.

The key point is that everyone accepts God, but they do not know him well. Similarly, if we ask: who makes us dead? They would say Nature!! They do not understand what they are saying because they do not have knowledge. If they have the knowledge, then they would know that the one that they call Nature is God. So, the thing that you make in your mind is not God. It is your creation, be careful about that. Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “Do not say bad words to “Dahr” because “Dahr” is God”. If they think deeply inside themselves, they will find God. (Dahr in Arabic means time in English)

Church and Science

In the past, churches were against science because they did not have a true understanding of God and thought science will remove the necessity of God’s existence. When they did not have an answer for a question, they were replying that it is because of God. For example, when they did not know how the rain was created, they were replying that God created the rain. Whenever they did not know about an event or it was ambiguous for them, they were linking that to God. After a while, they noticed that science is removing God’s territory then they started to become against science. They did not know that creatures are under God’s management moment by moment.

Do we know what happens inside our bodies? Everything including cells, molecules, and atoms are under God’s control moment by moment. A simple example to understand the relationship between God and creatures: We have full control of our body, and we do actions with our free will. All worlds are like this for God, meaning with his power and permission, plants, animals, and humans are growing. The thing that is called “instinct” or “an innate” is a fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli. In fact, this is God’s revelation in the lower level. Sciences were revealed for Newton or others by God.

Assume we are watching a movie with some characters moving. What will happen if we pull the TV cord from the electrical socket? The TV will completely turn off, the characters wouldn’t be on the screen anymore, and the screen will be black until we put the electrical cord back in the socket again. The whole worlds are like this for God, if He does not attention to them, they will be nonexistent. The important point is: “God is not the ultimate cause of the Universe. Creatures are under his power and management moment by moment, and they are not independent of God”.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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