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Sahifa Sajjadia contains 54 prayers on various beliefs, moral, and social subjects written by Imam Sajjad (A). Imam Sajjad (A) was the son of imam Hussain (as), who was the only young man in the Karbala incident who did not take part in the war due to illness but witnessed all the crimes committed by the then ruler (Yazid) against the family of the prophet. for forty years, whenever they saw water or saw an animal being slaughtered, they cried in remembrance of the event of Karbala. the book is a collection of mystical prayers and facts about Islam, which are presented in the form of prayers. Sahifeh is called the sister of the Quran. According to what is mentioned in the preface of the Sahifa, Imam Sadiq (A) showed Mutawakil a copy of the book and said that these words were written by my father (Imam Baqir (A)) and spelled by my grandfather Ali ibn al-Hussain (Imam Sajjad (A)), I was present when the prayers were written.

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