“In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful”


Miracles are of two kinds.

One of them is a seeing miracle, like the miracles that Prophets show to the people. After seeing this type of miracle, they realized that other humans are incapable of doing such things. People then accept their prophecy.

Another type of miracle is verbal miracles, which are perceived by the intellect.

That is, when knowledges, truths, and speeches are given to man, which others are unable to tell, this in itself is a miracle, but it is stronger than sensory miracles. Because, sensory miracles return more to the human body, but in verbal miracles, its return to the human soul.

The prophets each performed miracles in the language of their own people. A miracle that is in the language of their understanding, and they understand that this is a miracle. For example, in Jesus (PBUH) time, medical science had advanced so, Jesus makes a dead person alive or make a bird from mud and make it alive. Or at Prophet Muses time, magic science was very popular, so he brought miracles that all the magicians believed that these are miracles, and they are incapable to perform them.

The great miracle of the Prophets Muhammad (PBUH) is the Quran, which is a live miracle. It is a miracle that is lasting and enduring because Quran is not like other prophets’ sensible miracles which are not exist right now!

No word is like word of God in the Holy Quran! Until now, almost 1400 years later, no one has claimed to have uttered a word like the Quran!

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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