The Signs of Emergence of Imam Mahdi (AJ)


The Signs of Emergence of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

A Hadith from Imam Baqir (A):

I asked Imam Baqir (A), when will Imam Mahdi (AJ) Emerge?

Imam (A) replied:

When men make themselves like women

And women make themselves like men

And men marry men

And women marry women

And women ride in the saddles

And false testimonies are accepted

And the testimonies of righteous people are not accepted

And it becomes easy for people to shed blood

And committing adultery

And usury becomes normal

And the wicked people are respected for fear of their speech and actions

And “Sufyani” emerge from Sham (current Syria area)

And “Yamani” emerge from Yemen

And sinking and eclipse occurs

And the killing of a young man from the family of Prophet Muhammad (S) happens between the pillar and the position (Mecca), whose name is Muhammad ibn Hassan or “Nafs Zakiyah”

And the heavenly voice from the sky which says that he (Imam Mahdi (AJ) and his Shia’s followers are right

This is when our “Qaim” (Imam Mahdi (AJ)) emerges

And when he appears, he will lean on the house of the Ka’bah (Mecca) and three hundred and thirteen righteous people will gather around him, and his first words are this verse of the Holy Quran: “What remains [lawful] from Allah is best for you, if you would be believers” (Hud:86)

Then he says: I am the remainder of God on earth, and I am the caliph of God and His authority (Hojjat) over you

People greet him as follow:

Peace be upon you, the remainder of God on earth (السلام علیک یا بقیه الله فی ارضه)

Kamal Uddin – J 1 B 32 H 16

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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