There are Five Spirits


There are Five Spirits

According to the narrations from the Infallible Imams, there are five spirits. Of course, these spirits are not separated from each other, In fact these spirits are different degrees of a spirit.

1- The Spirit of Life:

The spirit of life is present in the believers, the infidels, and the animals, by which the creatures are alive and growing.

2- The Spirit of Anger

Through this spirit, the man repels evil from himself. In philosophical terms, it is called the “Power of Anger”.

3- The Spirit of Lust

Lust means appetite for the things that man desires and is necessary for his life, such as desire to eat. In philosophical terms, it is called the “Power of Lust”.

These three spirits are common to the believer and the infidel.

4- The Spirit of Faith

It is a spirit that is specific to the believers. The believers, through the spirit of faith, worship God and move towards perfection.

The spirit of faith is connected to the divine spirit. Believers understand many truths by connecting to this spirit. “For such He has written faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with spirit from Himself” (Al-Mujadila:22). Infidels do not have this spirit and therefore do not understand some truths.

The ten degrees of the faith that are expressed in the narrations are related to the connection with this spirit, meaning, the spirit of faith. The connection to the spirit of faith has different levels. The stronger the believer’s connection to this spirit, the more his perceptions. To the extent that he understands things that others are unable to comprehend.

It is narrated that, “The one who sins, his relationship with the spirit of faith is cut off”. When one repents of sin, his connection to the spirit of faith is re-established. Of course, this connection is no longer the previous one, but one should strengthen this connection. So, avoiding sin is the way to establish a connection with the spirit of faith. It means the more purity, the stronger the connection to the spirit of faith.

5- The Holy Spirit

This spirit belongs to the prophets. Prophets see the hidden truths through this Holy Spirit ‌.

Of course, believers can benefit from the Holy Spirit, when their faith is complete, meaning, they have completed those ten degrees of faith. They perceive truths and have intuitions.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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