What is God’s Will?


What is God’s Will?

Imam Musa Kazim (A): “There is nothing in this world except whatever God wills, decides, measures, and then accomplishes”.

Nothing happens without God’s will, whether it is good or bad for us, whether it is a flood or an earthquake.

Abu Basir said to Imam Sadiq (A): “Does God want, and decide, and measure and then accomplish?” Imam replied: “yes”.

I said: “And Does God love what He wants”?

Imam Replied: No, this is how we have been told.


He said that God wants(wills), and decides, and measures and then accomplishes, but he might not like.

So, when you say that it is God’s will, it does not necessarily mean that God likes it.

Imam (A) said: It has been told us this way; meaning, it did not answer Abu Basir’s question completely. Now what is the secret of it?

God’s will is one thing and God’s favorite is another.

Imam Sadiq (A) said: “Sometimes God commands an order but does not want(will) and sometimes wants something but does not command. For example: God commanded Satan to prostrate on Adam and did not want(will) him to prostrate, if God wanted, he would prostrate.”


This world is not out of God’s will, so sometimes He commands an order, but He does not want it. God commands Adam not to eat from the tree but God wanted him to eat. There is a secret in this tradition which needs to be explained. Sometimes God wants but forbids. Sometimes God commands but does not want. Everything exists by God’s will, so what is the story?

God’s will (want) is according to the truths and essences of things in God’s Knowledge. The truths and essences of things in God’s knowledge are called “A’yan Sabitih”.

Why have I become like this? Why did God want me to be like this?

This is according to my “A’yan Sabitih”, which is my truth and essence that is in God’s knowledge. From eternity, God has known me. A truth of me has been in God’s knowledge from the beginning. And God created me according to that truth in His knowledge. All the characteristics of my existence are in God’s knowledge. For example: whether I am a pious person or bad person, how long should I live, how much I will acquire knowledge, what level of perfections should I acquire, and everything from birth until the Day of Judgment are in God’s knowledge. These truths are fixed and not changeable. So, God’s will is based on the fixed truths of things that are in the God’s knowledge. This level is called “Level of God’s will”.

There is another level which is called “God’s Command”

For example: God orders to believe in your Lord, Pray, or do not sin etc. Can anyone violate God’s command? Yes, it can (See how many people do not believe in Him). But God’s will or want cannot be violated. Without God’s will, a leaf will not fall from a tree. We are all condemned to God’s will.

Essence and truth of Satan in God’s knowledge is to be like this. This is what Satan wants, not the way God forces him, and He does not want it. Providence is not changeable. Providence or God’s will require that someone believes with the least advice, and another does not believe even with observing a miracle. God’s command can be violated which you can do it or not.

Very precise point: Infallible Imam is a person whose truth and essence in God’s knowledge is in perfect harmony with God’s command, like two circles that fall on top of each other. The Imam never opposes the command of God because this is essential to his truth and essence. But the believers are not like this. It is only the infallible who is completely in accordance with the command of God. On the opposite side, the infidels and the enemies of the Ahl Al-Bayt are those who are completely opposed to the Imam truth or reality in God’s knowledge. In Ziarat Ashura we recite about the people whom our Prophet Muhammad (S) cursed them. In every status he stopped, he cursed them. meaning, they are not in any status or level accordance with the Messenger of God, they have no resemblance to Prophet’s reality or truth in God’s knowledge!

The believer truths or reality in God’s knowledge are in some degree accordance with Command of God or Infallible Imam truth in God’s knowledge.

God’s command is originated from the comprehensive name of God which is “Allah”. God’s will is according to truth of things in God’s knowledge. Sometimes God’s will does not match with God’s command, and this is because of the truth of things in God’s knowledge. So far, we found out that how God does not like something, but everything is under God’s will. Kindness is God’s command. Good deeds are what God likes. God likes where He commands.

Say If you love God, then follow me, that God may love you, and forgives your sins; And God is Forgiving and Merciful“. (Al-Imran:31) . Obedience to Ahl Al-Bayt or God’s command causes love of God. Therefore, the prophets are inwardly following the Prophet Muhammad (S) because he was perfect match with God’s command and love.

Prophet Muhammad (S) said: Adam and all the prophets will be under my banner on the Day of Judgment. All the prophets were eager to be like Prophet Muhammad (S). God’s love is related to God’s command. God loves those who obey God’s command or reality of Prophet Muhammad (S)/Infallible Imams and to avoid from sin.

The Imamate (Leadership) is also part of God’s command level not God’s will level.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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