Word 3: The one who does not know the book of oneself how can benefit from another book


Word 3: The one who does not know the book of oneself how can benefit from another book

In the introductory sessions of self-knowledge, we proved that Nafs is free from matter and the properties of matter. One of the rules of matter is destruction, but this is not true for Nafs because Nafs is free from matter, so we (our Nafs) will not be destroyed, and death is a transfer from this world to another world. So, we are eternal and timeless. We make the jewel of our Nafs in this world forever.

God sent prophets as a model for human beings to make themselves like them. Do not lie, do not gossip, do not steal, and do not sin because every action you do will unite with your soul and will be with you forever. If a child has a very valuable diamond, he can easily change it with a chocolate because he does not know the true value of the diamond. Some people are like this child, and they are destroying the jewel of their Nafs.

You may have heard many times that someone says to know the value of your youth. This is a good thing, but the question is how to know the value of our youth. The answer is to acquire as much knowledge as you can in our youth and practice it to build ourselves. Every perfection we acquired will be with us forever and we will enjoy it, and every evil we have gained will be with us as well. Our knowledge and actions become united with our soul, and they will be eternal, therefore the pleasures and torments of the Hereafter are endless. We have already discussed that we make heaven and hell ourselves.

The example of some people in this world is like a fetus in the mother’s womb when someone tells her that there is another world you will go to there soon. In that world you need healthy hands, feet, ears, but the fetus says it is not as you say, and the world is just this mother’s belly. Some people will be gathered blind or deaf on the Day of Resurrection.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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