Word 4: From what remembrance is happy, the one who has forgotten oneself


Word 4: From what remembrance is happy, the one who has forgotten oneself

Do not be like those who have forgotten God so that He has caused them to forget themselves” (Al-Hashr 19). So, if one does not forget God, he does not forget himself. With self-knowledge we can rediscover ourselves. There are two types of self-knowledge. 1-Theoretical self-knowledge that is obtained by reading books and training under the supervision of the master 2- Intuitive self-knowledge that is accompanied by occult revelations and divine visions. Intuitive self-knowledge is the closest way to reach God and the reality of things. The way to attain the intuitive self-knowledge is to pay full attention to God in all moments.

Sometimes people think and enjoy from what they are thinking about, for example, what a good car I have, or what a big and beautiful house I have, or what a good and high salary job I have. In all the above examples, man enjoys his own thought. In this word, it says what a person who has forgotten himself can enjoy. Because we do not know the value of our essence then gold, house, and car are important to us, so we sell ourselves at low prices. Amir Al-Mu’minin Ali (A) said: “Governing you is not as valuable to me as a pair of shoes, unless I can use it to take away the right of the oppressed from the oppressor”.

There is a narration about the extent of a believer’s soul. There was a great angel who could travel east to west with every flutter of his wings. This angel flew for several hundred thousand years until he got tired and saw another angel. He asked the angel where he was. The angel said that you have not yet left the soul of a believer. Previously we discussed that heaven and hell are within us. Notice the extent and value of our souls that we are unaware of, and we are happy to be the boss in our work or to have a lot of money in our bank account. We still do not know our value, which is why the world is so valuable to us now. Amir Al-Mu’minin said, “Look at the world like an ascetic. Never look with regret at what others have like a house or a car.”

Someone asked Jesus, “How do you walk on water, but we cannot walk?” Jesus answered, “What is the value of gold and silver to you?” The person replied, “It is very valuable, we love them.” Jesus said, “For me, gold and silver are no different from stones in the desert. You can walk on the water whenever you become like me.” Amir Al-Mu’minin Ali (A) said, “Because you love the world, the world does not show you its treasures, but because we are reluctant to the world, it reveals its treasures to us.”

Narration: “God inspired the world. Serve those who serve me and make the life of those who serve you hard”. “Someone asked Prophet Muhammad (S), “O Prophet of God, why do you not even think of sin?” The Prophet Muhammad (S) said, “Have you ever considered eating your own feces? The person replied, “No.” Prophet Mohammad said, “In my opinion, sins are bad and horrible, so I do not even think of doing sins”. Prophet Muhammad (S) knew who he was and what his value was, so he did not think of doing sins.

In this world we have nothing more important and necessary than to know God and self-knowledge and making ourselves perfect. All the heavens and the earth were created for man. It is written in the Torah that God says, “Son of man, I created everything for you and so that you know me.” We were not just born for eating and drinking. If that were the case, there would be no difference between us and animals.

Prophet Moses (A) saw a strange beetle and asked God, “God, why did you create this beetle? What is the use of this beetle?” God said, “O Moses, before you asked this question, this beetle asked me a hundred times, “God, why did you create Moses? What is the use of Moses?””.

What is the wisdom of our creation? Is it to go to the moon or Mars? Were we able to settle the earth and make peace in it that we are now thinking of going to other planets? We always think that the price of oil went up, the price of house went down, gold went up. What is really our job in this world? What is the purpose of our creation? What should we achieve?

If man knows the pleasure of leaving pleasure, he cannot enjoy the pleasure of the world

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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