Word 5: What Does One Think Is Superior to Self-Knowledge and Knowing God?


Word 5: What Does One Think Is Superior to Self-Knowledge and Knowing God?

In the introductory discussions of self-knowledge, we have proved that the human soul is free from matter. We are a mixture of physical and metaphysical. Some of our affairs are related to our physical level, and some other affairs are related to our metaphysics level.

The value of our work depends on what human level it belongs to. For example, splitting atoms and building airplanes are very big things that are related to the level of human physics, but knowing the human soul is related to the level of human metaphysics.

Given that the human physical level (physical body) is perishable, so all actions that are only related to the material world are also perishable, but the actions that are related to the metaphysics of human are eternal. Therefore, one has nothing more important than self-knowledge. The result and fruit of self-knowledge is knowing God that we must go a long way to understand this. The principle and axis of our life should be based on the self-knowledge to know our God, and in this way, the rights of the physical body must also be fulfilled.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “The Holy Spirit revealed in my heart that no one dies until he receives his sustenance in full, so be brief in obtaining sustenance, do not be greedy”. Some people may say, “Well, if that is the case, if we do not do something, we will get both Worldly and the Hereafter sustenance. No effort is required to acquire knowledge and good deeds.” The answer to this question is that humans usually seek sustenance based on their material needs, there is no need to force them in this case because human automatically seek and rush to make more money. But at the level of human metaphysics, it needs effort. That is why the prophets were sent so that human beings would also seek to reserve their hereafter.

Humans will benefit from the table of their knowledge and actions forever. Efforts should be made to learn knowledge as well as good deeds in accordance with the divine religion. One of the reasons the prophets told people that we do not ask you for a wage is that our reward is with God. The effort they make to guide human beings cannot be paid in the world.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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