How to understand the truths of objects and beings


“In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful”

“How to understand the truths of objects and beings”

When humans perceive an object, they perceive its effects, properties, and signs. For example, when they see a flower, see its color, shape, and perceive its smell but what is the flower itself? It is beyond their comprehension. Because they only understand the effects of these objects, not their truths.

But the one who becomes a mystic by the self-knowledge becomes aware of the truths of things. For example, they understand the truth of a flowers, trees, animals, and humans. Of course, the perception has different degrees.

The seven heavens, the earth, and whosoever in them, glorify Him. There is nothing that does not glorify with His praise, but you do not understand their exaltation. Surely, He is Clement, Forgiving” (Al-Isra 44)

The mystic who has acquired the self-knowledge understands the glorification of these objects and also would talk with them. The one who knows and reads the scripture of oneself, flips through the book of existence of every creature, knows, reads, and understands the truths of things.

Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “O God! Show me things as they are

So, it turns out that humans do not perceive things as they are, they only perceive apparent form of things.

They know only the outward appearance of the life of the world, and they are heedless of the Hereafter”(Ar-Rum 7).

They perceive an appearance of worldly life, so they have not understand the truth of things. In order to understand the truths of things, they must first know themselves, By the time they reach it, they have attained every knowledge including truths of objects.

Mohammad Mahdi Me’marian

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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