Word 6: The one who is not speaking with angels inward of his essence must speak with evil ghosts and false illusions.


Word 6: The one who is not speaking with angels inward of his essence must speak with evil ghosts and false illusions.

As we discussed earlier. We have a world called the “Methal or Khial world” (resemblance world), which is similar to the physical world with one difference, meaning that objects have a form or a shape, but are free from matter, while in this world, objects have a shape and also matter. Methal world is like the things that we see in our dreams that have shape and size but free from matter.

“Tamasul” is an Arabic word which means “to see truth of things in the form of resemblance” or we can translate it as a divine vision of a truth.

Sometimes people see resemblance truths in their dreams and sometimes they see them while they are awake. “We sent to her (Lady Mary (PBUH)) Our Spirit (Gabriel) in the resemblance of a perfect human” (Quran) Maryam-17. Meaning that, Angel Gabriel was a resemblance to Mary (PHUH) as a standing human being. All seeing will happen inward of our essence (Nafs).

What we see as resemblance (Tamasul) is nothing outside of us, meaning if someone is by our side and we percept a divine vison , that person will not see anything because it is inside us. That is, if there was another person next to Mary, he could not see Angel Gabriel. The Methal world of every human being is like the communication path to General Methal world.

The same is true of dreams. For example, when you are sitting next to someone who is asleep, if a person has a dream, you will not see that dream because dreams are seen in the Methal world. Everything that human beings imagine is also in their Methal worlds. The Methal world of every human being is so large that we can imagine all the sky and the earth in it.

Figures we see in our Methal world either related to this physical world or to the world of metaphysics which is free from matter. Dreams are divided into two main categories: 1- True dreams 2- False dreams. A false dream is the one which Khial or Methal power make in our Methal world from what was happening or thinking during the day. Someone said I had a dream that a cat had come to propose to my daughter. Later, when I thought about it, I realized that my wife and I were sitting in the morning talking about marriage proposal, and my daughter was playing in the yard, and all of the sudden a cat came down the wall and came down to my daughter. Therefore, in the dream, the Methal power has connected these and created a false story in our Methal world.

A true dream is the one which Methal power make in our Methal world from what he received from the Rational world. For example, if we are to gain useful knowledge in the future, this knowledge acquisition may be seen as swimming in clear water in our dreams.

The more people receive the truth from the higher world, the later the dream they see will happen. The dream that Prophet Yusuf saw was interpreted after 40 years. Allameh Hassanzadeh said, “I had a dream that was interpreted after 20 years.” Someone dreamt that he had gone on a pilgrimage to a holy place and thought to himself that his soul must have gone there and returned quickly. He does not know; he has seen these things in his Methal world and within himself.

Our Methal world is a channel of communication with the whole Methal world, and if this channel is cleared, we can connect with the Hereafter. Prophet Muhammad (S) said, “Whoever is more truthful, the dreams he sees are truer because his Methal power has become accustomed to imagining truth as they are in the Methal world and the one who lies, so if he has a dream, he will see truth as false and vice versa.” So, we must always be truthful in speaking so that divine of the Hereafter that we receive are received correctly. Allameh Hassanzadeh Amoli in his book “Man in the Mysticism” interpreted 30 divine  visions related to self-knowledge.

If man does not speak to the soul of the prophets and divine angels, he will be accompanied by the false imaginations that he creates. Therefore, man should be careful not to let even the thought of sin enter his Methal world, and he should always be pure until the divine  guests from heaven come to him and talk to him.

At the beginning of the spiritual path, the unseen inspirations come short and like lightning which one observes some truths of the Hereafter for short period of time. With the continuation of this path and the great care and purity of the person, this state becomes stronger and longer.

Ain Al-Qozat Hamadani (Great Mystic) said: “I have seen Prophet Muhammad (S) 70 times and each time he thought new knowledge and at the end I realized that I see nothing except myself. Meaning those that I saw was in my Methal world”.  Heaven and Hell are within us. Mulla Sadra said “People think souls are in heaven and hell, but I say that heaven and hell are in the souls”.

You may be in a position where see a divine vision, the wall in front of you splits and light comes to you. What you see in reality is in yourself and no one around you will not see it.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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