Human rights essay from 1400 years ago (Risalat Al-Huquq Imam Sajjad (A))


The Treatise on rights is a hadith from Imam Sajjad (AS) in which the 50 rights and responsibilities of human beings, such as the right of God, the right of leaders, the right of relatives, and the right of body parts, and many more are stated. According to Sadiq in Khasal, Imam Sajjad (AS) wrote this hadith in the form of a letter to one of his companions about 1400 years ago. This quote is stated at the beginning of the hadith: “This is a letter from Ali ibn Husayn (Imam Sajjad (A) to one of his companions”. According to William Chittick, the book’s importance is due to the fact that it deals with topics similar to the Sahifeh Sajjadiyya but written in a different style from the Sahifa. In this book, Ali ibn al-Husayn (A) states that the hierarchy of priorities must always be observed. Knowledge comes before movement. Due to the special position and comprehensive content of this treatise, several translations and commentaries have been written and published on this treatise.
The treatise on law is one of the important sources in introducing the Islamic way of life and responsibilities.

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