Imam (Leader) must be selected by God


Imam (Leader) must be selected by God

Is He who created the Heavens and the Earth, and sent water from the sky for you and caused gardens to grow full of beauty of which its tree you could never grow, is there a god with Allah? No, but they are a nation who set up equals with Him!” (Naml:60)

Men are incapable of making mosquitoes, flies, or growing small plants or mites. Men neither has the knowledge of creation nor the ability and power for creation, so, how can he choose an Imam (Leader) on his own whose obedience is obligatory from God?

The ignorant men who take the calf as their god and worship stone and wood, how can they choose an Imam from themselves and not make a mistake in their choice? The Imam must be perfect in the knowledge, act completely according to his knowledge, and he must be infallible in nature and free from error and transgression.

A person who needs a guide, how does he recognize and select a guide and leader? He who does not know the right path, how does he can choose a leader and Imam for that path. He who is not infallible is not immune from error and his obedience is not acceptable by the intellect.

Men, who are incapable of growing flowers and plants, how can they select an Imam and the leader for their nation? By selecting the Imam by themselves, people would be partners with God. They are deviant people. There is no God, but Allah.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

Source adabestan marefat
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