Word 10: What is the value of a person who cleans the body but contaminates his soul?


Word 10: What is the value of a person who cleans the body but contaminates his soul?

Humans in a classification are made up of two gems, body and soul. The human body is material and perishable, but the human soul is free from matter and eternal. Regarding the properties of matter, we have already discussed that the shape of matter is perishable. For example, in order for a flower bud to become a flower, the form of a bud must be destroyed in order for a form of flower to appear. Another example is that in order for water vapor to form, the shape of the water must be destroyed. The same is true of animals and humans. Old shapes are being replaced by new shapes. The material world is motion. In this world, sadness and happiness are not stable. Illness and health are not stable.

A king was sitting on his throne very happily and enjoying his rule. One day, he told his minister how good it would be if it was a permanent kingdom. The wise minister replied, “If there was a permanent kingdom, it would not have reached you, and those who had a kingdom before you kept it for themselves.”

Amir Al-Mu’minin Ali (A) said, “Give birth for die, build for destruction”. This means that this child who was born today will die one day. The building you built today will be destroyed one day.

In short, the human body is made of matter and has no stability and sooner or later, it will be destroyed, but our soul, which is free from matter, is eternal. Now, what good is it if one beautifies the material body and pollutes his eternal soul. Humanity of a human depends on their soul. Our body is like a means for our soul to evolve. Now, if we decorate and beautify this device, but if we do not pay attention to the person who uses this device and he is sick and lethargic, what is the use? It is wise to use our destructible body to beautify and perfect our eternal soul.

This worldly life that people have always been looking for but have not achieved, how do they want to achieve the happy life in the Hereafter they were not looking for? We must think deeply about how much time and effort we spend on beautifying our body and soul.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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