Secret of Self-Knowledge


“In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful”

Secret of Self-Knowledge

This is the secret of self-knowledge. “Man Arafa Nafsah Faqad Arafa Rabah”(Narration in Arabic). What does “if you know yourself, you know God” mean?

If you pay attention, in the book of self-knowledge lessons of Allameh Hassanzadeh Amoli, the first word that he wrote is “Hu” (Him). This is the key to self-knowledge.

This is the key to self-knowledge. Meaning, when a person repeats this remembrance (Dhikr) with full attention and it is placed in the human heart,

The question comes to our mind that who am I? “Ya Hu, Ya Man La Hu Ella Hu”, meaning “O’ He, O’ who, there is no He expect He” that there no one except “Hu”.

Man, really wonders who am I? Not that he wants to imagine it.  If you ask anyone: who you are, they reply that “I am I”, while he/she is wrong.

Whoever says “I am I” is wrong and does not know himself.

The only one who can say “I am I” is God. In the verse of the Holy Quran, God says to Prophet Moses (A), “Ennani Ana Allah” (Taha:14) “Certainly, I am I, Allah”.

In the Torah, we have something like this which is translated into English as “I am, I am”.

“Ennani Ana Allah” (Taha:14) “Certainly, I am, I am Allah”. Only God can say “I am I”. If so, then who am I?

Man oneself must achieve this truth and find the answer.  When he understands the answer to this question well, he finds that “I am not I”, so when he is not me, he finds that “I am all “Hu” (Him)”.

He will truly see it, not pretending or thinking.

 “I am not I”, there is only “Hu” (Him). It is the same with others, they are not themselves, there is only “Hu” (Him), but others do not know themselves.

One must pay attention to the sea of unity so that the bubble of “I” gets broken, then he sees there is only God and “La ilaha illallah” There is no god except Allah.

 What does god mean in the above sentence when we say that there is no god but Allah?

Every human being knows himself as God because he says, “I am I”, while this sentence is only special for God. So, because all human beings say, “I am I”, they consider themselves as God. While there is no god except God.

There is only one God and His endless manifestations.

Every moment, His manifestations came out as different shapes like Sky, Earth, Time, Humans, Animals, and other types that cannot be counted, all of these are His manifestations.

So, we have to break this bubble (I am I).

Therefore, an ethical point: Anything that causes for a man to be “I”, makes man away from God, such as worship (I am worshiping), Dhikr, knowledge (My knowledge). Whenever you say “I” or “I” am better, then you get away from God.

Be aware that there is only “Hu” (Him).

Muhammad Mahdi Me’marian

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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