Will all religious followers such as Christians, Jewish, and Buddhists go to hell except Muslims?


“In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful”

Will all religious followers such as Christians, Jewish, and Buddhists go to hell except Muslims?

Imam Sadiq (A) said, “God will be questioning the people based on proof of what He had given them and introduced to them” (Meaning, people will be questioned based on their wisdom/knowledge and understanding that God had given them. People will be questioned according to the good and evil that God had introduced to them).

Allameh Hassan Zadeh Said, “How should I know that the religion my parents introduced to me is correct. I came out of the usual religiosity of my parents, and I researched different religions and sects and concluded that there is no religion like Islam and no religion like Shia. I am a Shia Muslim (12 Imams follower) based on research”.

This question also came to my mind that, we have so many religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sikhism, Chinese traditional religion, Secular, Confucianists, Jainism, Nonreligious, Agnostic, Atheist and so many more. Which one is correct? So, we have to do our research to find out if the religion that I have is true. I did my research and noticed that there are some similarities between the religions. For example, I was researching Indian religions and noticed that they have similar discussions related to monotheism and God. But they make idols and figures for God’s attributes, and they diverged from true monotheism.

People who live in Europe, North America, China, Russia, Africa, or South America might not know anything about Islam, Shia, and our 12 Imams at all. What are their situations in the Day of Judgment and how are their reckoning in the Resurrection? Some people do not even hear the name of God at all. Most of the followers of each religion even do not read their religious books and only rely on their parent’s understanding. Is God questioning them about monotheism, Islam, or Imams? Do they all go to hell? Some people research Islam and it became clear for them that Islam is the true religion but still, they do not accept Islam. They have different stories, and they are not part of our discussions. Here we are discussing the people who never heard about Islam. There are also people who only know about Islam through what has been wrongly shown on TV. What would be happening to them on the Day of Judgment? Do they go to hell? Is it justice?

No, based on the narration from our Imam, these people are called “Mostaz’f” in the Holy Quran. God will only question people based on the wisdom and knowledge that God gave and introduced to them. God will not question about Quran and Islam from a Christian to whom Islam and Quran have not been introduced. If Quran, Imam, and Islam are introduced to anyone, it will be questioned. God will question Shia Islam principles from the people to whom Shia Islam was introduce. You were born in a Shia nation, the Holy Quran was in your house, why did you not read it? and act based on that? Yes, this makes sense.

For example, for us, it is clear that “He is God, the One. (1) God, the Absolute (Needless). (2) He begets not, nor was He begotten. (3) And there is nothing comparable to Him” (Al-Ikhlas) so, we will be questioned. God will not question this of people who never heard of this holy surah of the Quran.  Therefore, our infallible Imams said that do not introduce us to people too much. First, make sure if they are really looking for truth?  Because by doing so, you are making him miserable. Because when he does not know, he has an excuse. If it is proven to him that this is the true religion, then God will be questioning him.

Everyone is questioned according to their knowledge and wisdom of what God has introduced and granted. If someone is introduced to the right path, the questioning will be valid.

Imam Baqir (A) said, “It is possible that someone loves another person because of God. God will bless and reward him even though the person that he loves is an evil person in God’s knowledge”.

Imam Sadiq (A) sent one of his followers to another city. When he came back Imam Sadiq (A) asked, what happened? the follower replied, “They are not like us”. Imam asked, “do they love us?” The follower replied, “Yes, they loved you, but they did not have the same as our beliefs!!!”. Imam replied, “It is not such that all people must have your beliefs”. Imam (A) continued, “If they must go to hell because they do not have your beliefs, then you do not have our knowledge (Ahl Al-Bayt) so you should go to hell too?” God knows things that we do not know! Everyone will be questioned based on what they know and what was introduced to them.

A narration says, “God will gather those who were in the days of Fitrat (when they were living at a time where there were no Prophets, Imams or religious scholars) plus dead children and also maniacs. God will select one among them as the prophet. The prophet says, “Whoever believes in me as the prophet of God will enter the fire, and whoever enters will be saved”. Some will accept and some will not accept.

So, everyone is questioned according to their knowledge and wisdom of what God has introduced and granted.

Muhammad Mahdi Me’marian

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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