End of Time


End of Time for humanity has signs that are mentioned in all Abrahamic (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) and even non-Abrahamic religions such as the Magi, Hinduism, and ancient Egypt. The interesting point is that many of these signs are common and similar.

The general principles of these symptoms are the disruption of social class order and the prevalence of corruption among families, especially women, meaning, the breaking of the family structures that shape the identity of any nation and religion. Also, corruption in all classes from the holiest class which are the clerics of religions to the middle and lower levels of society such as judges and commanders and the last hand of the workers and the apparent class of society.

The breaking of all traditions and religious laws and the loss of the sanctity of all sacred things, to the extent that this disorder has spread even to the natural order of things including animals and fruits such as the loss of the taste of fruits, strange diseases, etc. A pervasive disorder and chaos overshadow all societies, and it is the product of the unbridled lust and anger in every single member of human societies, along with the greed, cruelty, and violence combined with it.

Therefore, the basis of the family which is the foundation of societies have been weakened and no one obeys the other, except on the condition of violence and fear, both in the family and in the society. These are the general principles of the signs of the End of Time.

In all religions, the end of this turmoil is well known with the coming of the reformer and savior. In all Abrahamic religions and most non-Abrahamic religions, the coming of a savior is a certain fact, which is a divine promise to all nations of the world and is not violated.

O Lord, we are waiting for the coming of the savior whom all your messengers gave the good news to your creations that he will come.

Pray for hastening of the Imam of Time’s relief (Imam Al-Mahdi (AJ)).

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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