Word 11: The One Who Does Not Use Material Livelihood as a Tool To Attain High Spiritual Ranks Is Surely Mistaken


Word 11: The One Who Does Not Use Material Livelihood as a Tool To Attain High Spiritual Ranks Is Surely Mistaken

In the introductory lessons of self-knowledge, we explained that the human soul occurs from matter, but after emerging, it will be free from matter, and it will also be eternal. Meaning that matter is needed for the creation of the soul, so that matter gradually reaches the point where the soul, which is free from matter, emerges from it. After the creation of the soul, there will be spiritual perfection and the soul will not need matter for its survival, but it needs the body for the perfection of the soul in this world. When the human soul emerges, man will be a being of both material and spiritual gems.

As long as the soul belongs to the body, it can develop and reach perfection, but when the soul is separated from matter, its perfection ends in this world. Man must use this opportunity for his spiritual development and build oneself forever for the Hereafter (eternal life). If man uses his material livelihood for his spiritual development, he will move in the path of the system of existence, that is, the path that God has set for us (religion or divine laws). But if someone forgets his spiritual gem and is engaged in playing in this worldly life, and all his thoughts are to collect money, cars, houses, and seek supremacy, this man is sorely mistaken.

What is human happiness? Is it our happiness to have a good house, a good car, a good life, a good wife/husband? All are good, but in order to know what human happiness is, we must first know man in order to examine happiness. If one does not believe in life after this world, he examines happiness only in the physical world, but we, who also believe in life after death and consider it eternal, examine the happiness of this world and the Hereafter. As we have said, a comfortable life in this world is good as long as it does not ruin the eternal life of man in the Hereafter. If man has a choice, either to select happiness of this world or the happiness of the Hereafter, the wise man will choose eternal happiness and joy and does not exchange it for worldly pleasure.

This world is not a place of reward and punishment. God does not reward us in this world, and similarly He does not punish us in this world. If someone has a lot of money in this world, it is not a reason that God loves him very much, and if someone is poor in this world, it is not a reason that God does not love him very much. Our Prophet (S) was poor, and many tyrannical kings were rich.

The hadith of Imam Sadiq (A) says, “If the world was as valuable as the wings of a fly in the sight of God Almighty, an infidel would not be allowed to even drink a glass of water”. Amir Al-Mu’minin  Ali (A) said, “Governing you is not worth as much as a pair of my shoes unless I can use it to take back the rights of the oppressed from the oppressors”. Imam Hussain (A) said, “People are the slaves of the world, and religion is just on their tongue. They support and talk about religion as long as they have a good worldly life, and when the divine test and calamity occurs, the believers will decrease”. In the story of Karbala, many people were with Imam Hussain (A), but when it was reported that his representative had been martyred in Kufa, all of the sudden, most of them left him alone. They probably thought to themselves that he is the son of  Messenger of God, and we will go to Kufa with him, we will reach a position and our life will be better, but when the divine exam came, only 72 people remained steadfast with him, and the rest sold their Hereafter to this worldly life.

Wherever you see that in our discussions we say bad things about this world, it does not mean to say bad things about having a good house, a good car, or a comfortable life. It’s okay to drive the best car or have the best house, but you should not depend on them. “So that you will not be saddened for whatever does not come to you, nor be overjoyed in what has come to you. Allah does not love those who are proud and boastful” (Al-Hadid:23).

This world is not a place to stay forever. This is the only inn we are in for a while to complete and reach perfection for eternal life. The world is like a dead man, and the seekers of the world are like the wolves that are fighting over the dead.

By Al-`Asr. (1) Verily, man is in loss. (2) Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and recommend one another to the truth, and recommend one another to patience. (3)” (Al-Asr 1-3).

The one who does not use material livelihood as a tool to attain high spiritual ranks is surely mistaken.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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