Word 7: The one who did not make oneself right forever, so what was he doing?


Word 7: The one who did not make oneself right forever, so what was he doing?

In the introductory discussion of self-knowledge, we explained that humans are eternal beings, meaning that we exist forever, and death does not mean destruction. Death is just a transfer from one house to another, and we will continue to live in another world, so we must think for our eternity.

Allameh Tabatabaei (Great Quran Interpreter and Philosopher) used to cry when he talked about eternity and said that we exist forever, we must make ourselves right forever so that we do not regret in another world, I wish we did good deeds or did not do those bad deeds because all those deeds will be united with us, and we will be with them forever. Prophet Muhammad (S) said: The world is the farm of the Hereafter, that is, see what you planted in this farm, whether you planted weeds or useless trees or beautiful trees with abundant and refreshing fruits, because you will eat from your farm forever. The one who did not make oneself right forever, so what was he doing? There are some people in the Hereafter who are blind or deaf because they did not provide themselves with eyes, ears, and a pure heart in this world. An example of this is for the fetus in the mother’s womb, someone tell him to eat so that you have ears, eyes, hands, and feet, because these are crucial and very useful in another world, but the fetus says that no one has seen the Hereafter, so these words are illusions.

In the Hereafter, angels ask people: why are you blind and deaf?  Did not a prophet come to you to warn you that you are facing such a difficult day? When a person wants to build a house, he tries to build a good house that will be stable for a long time. Now it is not clear how many years he will live. The interesting thing that can be mentioned here is that many people work for others but do not bother for themselves and think they know themselves.

What have we really done for our eternity? We think we have a lot of time, but suddenly death comes to us, and we wake up, in which case, unfortunately, we do nothing but regret.

Dears, I have instructed you to be alone with yourself for 20 minutes a day in a quiet room and think of the death, God, the eternity, sky’s,  the Earth, and yourself, but do not fantasize. Amir Al-Mu’minin Ali (A) used to recommend that O people: Death is very close, practice piety, which is the best supply of the path in the Hereafter. This is a long and dangerous way.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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