Hazrat Khidr (A) – Wali Allah


Hazrat Khidr (A) – Wali Allah

Hazrat Khidr is alive, and his lifespan reaches several thousand years. Of course, the exact duration of his age is not known, but the Holy Quran has informed about the meeting of Prophet Moses (PBUH) with him, and the time of Prophet Moses (PBUH) is about three thousand five hundred years.
Some divine people have visited him, which is mentioned in some books. In some traditions it has been stated that he is the companion of Imam of the time (Imam Mahdi (AJ)) now. Others have said that sometimes he might be seen as a poor old man asking for help from someone in order to remove a disaster from him. According to some narrations, Prophet Elias (Elijah) (A) is also alive.
Among those who claimed to have met with Hazrat Khidr (A) and Prophet Elias (A) was Mr. Ala Al-Dawlah Semnani and Mr. Mohi-ud-Din Ibn Arabi, may God be pleased with him.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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