Similarity between Imam Hussain (A) and John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya(A))


“In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful”

“Similarity between Imam Hussain (A) and John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya(A))”

John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya(A)) was the slaughter of the children of Israel and Imam Hussain was the sacrifice of the children of Ismail, both of whom were descendants of Prophet Abraham(A).

Both of their heads were placed in a golden tub in front of an illegitimate guy.

Both were sent to Shaam (Syria) and hung at the gate of Damascus.

Seventy thousand people were killed in the revenge for Prophet Yahya’s blood and revenge for the blood of Imam Hussain(A) will be taken by Imam Mahdi(A), although he is the avenger of the blood of all the martyrs of history.

Sheikh Akbar Mohiuddin Ibn Al-Arabi in his book “Fosus” said:

“God called him Yahya(alive) because the memory of Prophet Zachary become alive with John the Baptist”, and I say that Imam Hussain(A) make the memory of Prophet Muhammad(S) and Islam alive.

That is, as he himself said, “If my grandfather’s religion is not corrected except for shedding my blood, then take the swords”. For this reason, the people of wisdom have said Islam started with Prophet Muhammad(S) and became stable with Imam Hussain(A).

If it were not for the blood of Imam Hussain(A) for Islam, there would not be a real Islam by now.

God knows we are submitted to Imam Hussain (A).

For more similarity refer to the book of “Ghosn Al-Fosus” by Master Me’marian.

All praise is to God to the extent that He deserves it.

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